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Best Parental monitoring software Features Every Parent Deserve to Know In 2022

Best Parental monitoring software Features Every Parent Deserve to Know

Recently I have started using parental monitoring software for my kids. Both are teenagers a boy and a girl and every day I remember the person and am grateful to her who introduced me to this awesome technology and made my life so much easy and stress-free. She not only convinced me about the effectiveness of such apps but also helped me out in every way possible so that I become confident in using this app. I think every parent in this decade deserves to know about the parental monitoring software technology and should have access to it. There is a chance that you may have a bad experience with the tool as there are so many types of apps and software available in the market that offer parental control features. But not all of them are alike. The TheOneSpy offers all sorts of features and effective services for the users.  Here are the details of some of my favourite features that offer digital assistance in parenting.

Access to The Calls:

With the help of the TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software parents can access the call record of the target teen. You can know about the incoming outgoing phone book record and know about the caller Id and the details. All the information is saved with date and time information so any unknown caller id or odd time of call can be reported right away to the parents.

Read All The Texts:

Teens love to text and that is why even in the reply to your 2-minute long audio message they will rely upon the simple text. So the best parent monitoring software TheOneSpy allows the user to check the text message record of the target teen as well. With the text log feature you can read the sent and received texts.

Record Important Calls:

The call recording features record the teen call record and you can listen to any suspicious call right away.

Know About Screen Activities:

Screen recording is done in two forms i.e screenshots and short video recordings. You can know about the screen activities and time spent on the screen easily with the help of this feature.

Make a Surprise visit to The Screen:

The TheOneSpy is no doubt the best parental monitoring software as it allows the user to make a surprise visit to the screen of the target teen in real-time. So the next time your kid is smiling on the screen at the dinner table you can check the content right away.

Listen to their Company:

Mic bug allow the user to listen to the sound and chats happening around the target teen. You can know if they are in any bad company or if anyone bullying or threatening them in any way possible.

TrackAny Cyber Attack:

Know if your kid is receiving any threatning messages online by using the social media platforms offered by the best parental monitoring software.

Find out About Fake Facebook accounts:

Know about the Facebook account of the target teen with the Facebook recording feature.

Know About Snap Content:

The Snapchat spy app allows the user to know about the Snap activity of teenagers.

Information About Latest Obsessions on Netflix:

The access to the web browsing activity reports about all the latest hobbies and interests of the teenagers. That means you can know about their latest obsession on Netflix as well.

Have Insights into digital Diary Entries:

The keystroke logging feature saves the related activities of the target

Crack the secret Account Passwords:

With the help of the password cracker feature parents can not only track any secret account or digital id but can even track their password of the id as well.

Know If They are Involved in any Bad Activity:

The camera bug feature gives the power to see the front and rear camera of the target teen. 

Follow Them Around 24/7:

With GPS you can follow your kid around like a shadow 24/7

All you need is physical access to the kid’s device when they are not password encrypted. Three types of bundles make it easy for the user to choose any of them. Simple choose the bundle and follow easy steps to install the best parental monitoring software.

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